Who Are We

Where personal passions and professional life intersect

Stacey Vail
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer

Stacey Vail is a strategic leader with more than 30 years of experience driving growth, improvements, and transformation for Global 500 companies. She co-founded Avail Inspiration as a passion project to address several gaps she observed in business that were heightened through the pandemic and the introduction of Gen Z employees into the workforce. Through the company’s efforts she hopes to help employees across all generations find greater work life balance. She also hopes those empowered employees will bring stronger work life balance solutions to their employers to align with contemporary lifestyles and values. Stacey is also engaged in work through volunteer efforts, serving as the Chair Elect for The Movie Institute (MI). MI dedicates itself to training youth valuable life skills and STEAM skills through the art of movie making.

A lifelong learner, Stacey earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Texas Woman’s University and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Wesleyan University. When she is not working, Stacey enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, decorating/home improvement projects, watching movies, and cuddling with the family Shih Tzus.

Jason Vail
Co-Founder, Chief Experience Officer

Jason Vail is an experience design expert with more than 25 years of hands-on experience consulting with user-focused companies throughout North America. He co-founded Avail Inspiration as a passion project to support his family in the exploration of use cases that are not prevalent in workforce design today but have proven successful in industries such as IT over previous decades. Jason is also overseeing generative AI protocols for iterative design so team members can finalize their original artwork for products in a streamlined and ethical way. Most of the time, however, Jason is enjoying his day job at Slalom Build, where he serves as a Senior Architect and is involved in a number of Slalom’s internal special interest groups. 

Jason has invested significant time in learning methodologies within his industry and across many others and applying them in unique ways. He is dedicated to mentoring others and helping them grow their skillsets to expand the value of experience design to clients and practitioners alike.  When he’s not working, Jason enjoys family time, movie nights, and learning about new technologies and how to leverage them for personal and professional use.