Meet Gamr Grrlz

Where personal passions and professional life intersect

Meet Gamr Grrlz

Our first stop in the Avail Inspiration journey is the Gamr Grrlz collection since this one most closely aligns with who we are before we establish the person we become through our careers and the other roles we take on as adults. Gamr Grrlz represents the passions that some of us leave behind as we transition from our student lives to our career lives. Some of us are able to hold onto these things easily throughout our lives, but others are not so great at it. Our aim here is to support that spark for those who have it or want to reclaim it.

This collection will be heavily product- and activity-oriented, and the Gamr Grrlz store will announce a grand opening date soon. We will also ramp up online activity to build community engagement, and we anticipate most of that activity will be around online gaming (PC, Console, VR gaming and possibly tabletop RPG). Let us know what you are interested in, and we will look to evolve to support it.

We are starting out with a few focus areas here — digital, tabletop, and anime — and we will keep adding until we’ve got you all covered. We’ll select new categories each quarter, and we’ll accept submissions and requests year-round so we can understand what the community wants. Send your requests to GamrGrrlz.Submissions@AvailInspiration.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!