An Introduction

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An Introduction

What do we mean, when we say define your balance? Ultimately, our goal as a company is to recognize and celebrate the individualism that we all bring to the table.

We believe that in-office norms have been standardized away from choice, reason, and flexibility throughout most of our lives. Yes, we saw many exceptions over the pandemic, but companies are now resorting to some snapback behaviors — some going several decades backwards in what seems like an attempt to reclaim some sense of security that we do not understand. Unfortunately, those kinds of actions have heightened the discussions around work-from-home and other flexible arrangements to some weird places, lumping them in with the greater topic of “culture war.” That is a huge challenge we’re not going to solve in a blog post, and we feel like that might be the purpose of some of the labels that are being used to make reasonable discussions seem inflammatory in nature. Taking that into account, we’d like to have some reasonable discussions around flexibility and discuss what we can do as individuals while the politics is handled elsewhere.

So… keeping it real, and keeping it to something we believe we can impact, Avail Inspiration is here to help folks really focus on themselves. We’re all unique. We’re individual. We should celebrate it. We should do everything we can to make our work and home lives mesh well so that we can be productive and happy in both of them. If we are lucky enough to have flexibility in either or both of them — maximize it to the fullest, and help others learn from your best practices so they may find a little more pleasure in their work days and down time as well.

If your guilty pleasure is anime — we’ve got your back. If you’re just trying to keep all the plates spinning with a ton going on at work and at home, we’ve got your back too. And, if you’re just trying to figure out where to go in your career, we’re here for you. We are super excited to go on this journey with you, and we hope that you will pop in where our journey will help you along yours as well too.

We’re going to start regular posts now, our stores will be opening shortly, and career support will launch over the summer. Buckle up, and we hope to enjoy the ride together. Thanks for reading!

– Jason and Stacey Vail, Co-Founders

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