Take a Moment Monday 9/25/2023

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Take a Moment Monday 9/25/2023

Gray water with drops coming up from the water

This week we’re starting something new, and we hope you like it. Each week on Monday, we’re going to publish a photo of something relaxing, inspiring, beautiful, or potentially transformative. Our objective is for you to leverage the pic as a way to give yourself a break from the chaos of the day as needed — this will serve as a “treat yourself” moment.

Here’s our first post, which accompanies the photo above: 

Take a moment to hear that drop of water. If you need to, repeat. Happy Monday. This week’s photo by C├ęsar Couto | Unsplash. #water #zen #WorkLifeBalance #DefineYourBalance #TreatYourself #TakeAMomentMonday

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