Why This Top 10 Matters

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Why This Top 10 Matters

Logo displayed for Top 10 Balance Trends: June 2023, along with the headline "Only 2 More Days... Why this Top 10 Matters"

It’s June 13, and the team at Avail Inspiration is buzzing with excitement and nerves about our Top 10 launch on Thursday. We’re not ready, but it’s time. We are unsure whether the audience reading about the Top 10 Balance Trends will understand what we’re trying to get at with the listing. Why does the world need another Top 10 list? Why should you care?

We’re just like you. We see multiple industries expanding with their contributions to “work life balance.” They’re giving you products in areas like wellness, organization, home office d├ęcor, and more. Those things all add value, but they are hard to put together in a big picture way that helps you achieve and maintain work life balance in your own life. We have some of these items in our stores, and we honestly love some of them. But we think the product perspective stops short of the movement that is needed to shift things in favor of balance for the workforce.

Members of our small team range in age from our 20s to our 70s, so we cover all of the generations currently in the workforce. We have different perspectives, but our complaints and concerns took us all to the same conclusion.

It’s up to each of us to manage our own work life balance.

That drives our mission and our perspective on the modern workplace. As we examined the areas of our life that seem to bring about conflict with work life balance, we identified three areas. You’ll see these expressed through our three collections: Gamr Grrlz, WorknMomma (launch coming this week), and Take a Step Back. Each of these areas represents a different part of who we are, how we relate to the world, and how we relate within ourselves. When you break these areas down and start to look at what you want in your life versus what you’ve allowed in your life, you may be surprised at how well you’re doing or at how far you are from your ideal scenario. I discovered I was far from my ideal, and working through my personal solution is how Avail Inspiration was born. It’s how we came up with our mantra: Define your balance. We know it’s personal.

On June 15 we’ll release our first Top 10 Balance Trends list. The list will include products, services, and/or solutions that we believe many people will find useful as part of their work life balance plan. Not all of these will be life changing. Some of them will be fun, light-hearted suggestions since that is a huge part of what contributes to work life balance. Other items on the list will be a bit deeper, with a goal of helping you achieve more personal objectives for yourself.

We don’t expect to change the world with this first list, but we hope you like the concept and that you’ll become active with us on social media. We want your feedback, and we welcome the opportunity to have a look at the things that are on your personal Top 10 list. We’ll release an updated list each month on the 15th.